/u/falcn is kind of a dick.

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0.8338 I don't know if that survey could be trusted , but it definitely felt like it.
0.8074 Idea is good, but most people are not as good as people who created the idea.
0.765 It's probably just a massive gyro with a well-balanced mechanics giving it freedom of movement in every axis.
0.7579 The game feels huge, the missions are interesting, and every ship is designed with incredible attention to details, and feels like a real thing.
0.7227 President said what had to be said, but people were celebrating.
0.7003 I hope things will get better someday.
0.7003 Also, it would be great to have a high-dpi tileset, but none of them looks like Phoebus.
0.6249 Real masterpiece.
0.6249 Justice requires a court, which has to have a defense, a prosecution and an impartial judge. Where I said it was justice?
0.6249 Yes, I felt excited when americans got to taste their own medicine.
0.5994 He had childhood, he had a family, he had mother who loved him more than anything in the world.

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-0.8934 He thinks that all media is run by illuminati, and eats whatever bullshit theories conspirologists came up with, no matter how stupid or contradictory it is.
-0.8834 In the next 6 months, another 10 000 civilians are killed, bumping the overall death count to 20 000. Anti-war protests become overwhelming.
-0.8752 You can't improve it, it is hardware limitation. Olympic athletes who caught moving earlier than 0.2x after timer started are disqualified, it's considered cheating.
-0.875 I guess because Russia is both evil and stupid, no further thinking required. , , , - anything rings a bell?
-0.8617 Many of us kill ourselves, because it is some fucking heavy shit that you just can't get out of your head.
-0.8519 My point was - whatever politicians call it, when US military is killing people outside US - de-facto it's a war.
-0.836 Killer was shot in the head and in the chest, died in hospital.
-0.836 Rape caught on video is the automatic jail time + a lot of money from the studio to compensate damage.
-0.8225 There is no air density, thus there are no lift, no stalling speed, no engine/flight model differences for different altitudes.
-0.8173 Sad thing is, no matter what you do with a flight model, it will never be as great as real WW2 air sim.
-0.8156 Maybe they weren't the brightest bulbs in the box, but they did 9/11 to end the war, not to start one. Now, let's talk about Hiroshima & Nagasaki.
-0.7964 People were told that americans are our enemies, and that we are in a state of indirect war with USA.