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0.9398 If you want to do it can go a lot farther than certifications, but if you want a quick and easy start getting certifications will great help you.
0.9378 If you have a chance to post back I would be curious to know what career path interest you and I'd be happy to provide more information the best I can**
0.9344 I check Reddit everyday, so please feel free to PM me if you're willing to do this. Totally, let me know what you are interested in and I'll be happy to share my experience/knowledge.
0.9337 Sometimes the best jobs are those we take the leap of faith and hope for the best.
0.926 Honestly, I think anything that is 2+ years contract wise and has some type of promise that you will be able to keep at that you are pretty safe.
0.9246 I can truly say that since I've moved to my current job and hit the ground running it has been the best career option and I can truly say I am worlds of happier compared to my previous stuff.
0.9245 I wish you the best of luck and I think that if you feel you are confident in a job you will find what you are looking for!
0.9194 Most of all, best of luck with the interview I think you'll do well, Google is your friend!
0.9169 I hope and wish you the best because you are going for something that never in my life time would I ever want to do lol.
0.9117 Best of luck on your interview I think you'll do great!
0.9042 My boss was my friend and mentor and really taught me a lot of what I know now and gave me the chance to move up and earn his trust with giving me access and ability to do bigger things.

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-0.6705 Then there is the other side that the non-profit struggles and IT gets punished in the sense because they are an expensive cost to the non-profit in some forms.
-0.6068 They are very angry and sad most of the days because they have to manually patch Flash on 250+ computers haha.
-0.5994 No problem.
-0.5423 There will always be the good with the bad and sometimes things will just plain suck because people are human and humans are pure breed of nothing short of being a-holes at times :).
-0.5423 a bad IT person is documentation.
-0.5216 I cannot truly say if the degree will make a difference or not, but I can recommend just trying to apply to companies and see what feedback you get from them.
-0.5106 If the company you work for offers the ability to get access to a lab to mess around with things take the time and catch to get in there and break stuff and figure out what you did wrong.
-0.4754 They are getting very impatience about how long it is taking to fix their issue.
-0.471 A lot of people say that they want to do security/cybersecurity/pen testing and they slowly get into it and realize it is not as glorious as movies and people make it out to be.
-0.4588 sour for me. Basically the biggest reason why I left my previous job was that the environment got so toxic that it hindered my health/stress/sanity levels to unacceptable levels.
-0.4385 However, I also worked in the public section as an IT person and there are some good things to it, but I have a very jaded opinion about it due to the place I worked.
-0.4019 I say go for it because what do you have to lose technically specially .