/u/evileleven is kind of a dick.

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0.9688 yeah, but compared to what our friends overseas have to deal with they are imho pretty neat Edit: granted, never saw one of the giant kind.
0.7351 pretty neat
0.6369 I love the cemetery map.
0.6369 Please take /u/Johanneskodo or /u/randomt2000 as an example for your next try and write something actually accurate and useful.
0.611 [Well...] Haven't read it yet, because I'm not done with reading through the whole EU, but really appreciate the effort.
0.5267 yay, i did it reddit
0.5106 my pet ant eater appreciates your ant
0.4767 So maybe it's more common in Germany, but certainly not a given sauce: am german
0.4535 yeah really sucks the fun out of it
0.4404 Will surely use it as starting point when trying to catch up after any longer pause I'll have while working through the material.
0.4404 i use this technique too, i hope they don't patch it

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-0.8209 Damn refugees, stealing our world cups!!!!
-0.7506 Ich glaube, das war sein Argument.
-0.6908 "Red and link are kill"
-0.636 Preiset die Sonne \\[I]/ !
-0.5994 Kann anekdotisch besttigen, Paypal war auf meiner Seite Quelle: bin Kufer
-0.5994 die schmecken aber nicht so gut
-0.5994 Wie die da lautet, fragst du?
-0.5994 Das, trotzdem das ganze Land von Kriminellen gegrndet wurde, heutzutage die meisten keine Kriminellen sind.
-0.5994 [man kann die Zahl einfach selbst verndern]
-0.5994 Keine Bestimmte, aber seitdem ich angefangen habe, alle paar Tage mal auf Kleinanzeigen zu gucken, sind die meisten nur teurer geworden.
-0.5994 deren souls-like Titel sagen, whrend ich von The Witcher 3 eher mig berzeugt war.