/u/etquod is kind of a dick.

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0.8126 Similarly, CMV is designed to serve a specific function, not just to be as enjoyable and interesting and popular as possible.
0.7003 Please remember to award a delta if your view has changed.
0.5499 I only speak for myself on this, but I would guess most of the mod team feels the same way. What I am interested in is making CMV something *unique*.
0.5106 Come here with an open mind, and you'll get to talk to the other side, without getting yelled at or made fun of - that's the CMV offering.
0.3182 I would never have guessed /u/GeneralBelRiose was a science fiction fan.
0.25 Comments that are only jokes, links, or 'written upvotes', for example.
0.2023 I have no interest whatsoever in making CMV the "premier debate sub".
0.0772 Use the appeal link if you want to appeal the removal.
0.0772 Your comment will be removed even if most of it is solid, another user was rude to you first, or you feel your remark was justified.
0.0772 "Direct responses to a CMV post must challenge at least one aspect of OPs current view , unless they are asking a clarifying question.
0.0 Assuming he had a reasonable amount of time to train, Paulie.

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-0.6597 "Refrain from accusing OP or anyone else of being unwilling to change their view or of arguing in bad faith.
-0.5106 "No low effort comments.
-0.4173 Of course, this is subjective and I very much doubt we'll be able to change each other's minds in the slightest on these points.
-0.25 If you are unsure whether someone is genuine, ask clarifying questions .
-0.1531 In my experience, the parts of the internet where strangers talk to each other tend to be one of two things: battlegrounds or echo chambers.
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