/u/eternal_wanker is very positive!

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0.946 I'd love to titfuck those gorgeous boobs :-) But I hope she doesn't mind if her whole upper body and face is sprayed with my warm semen ;-)
0.9287 Wow, I'd love to fill those mesmerizing holes and spray my cum on those sexy soles :-)
0.9222 I'd love to have some time with that gorgeous body :-D
0.8932 Wow, impressive fun bags!
0.872 I hope they are also good at receiving sperm, because that will not last long when I feel those delicious feet wrapped around my cock ;-)
0.861 I'd love to see more of you, beauty!
0.8602 Wow, I'd love to dive into that ass :-D
0.8553 That pretty asshole looks like it will fit tight around my dick, I'd love to fill it!
0.8516 Wow, I love your curves!
0.8439 You have a gorgeous body and lovely feet!
0.8402 Wow, I'd love to tongue-fuck that asshole...

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6908 I would lick those feet, I would spread those buttcheeks, tongue-fuck her ass and finger that pussy until she screams.
-0.6442 You're right: two holes one dick doesn't compute :-)
-0.5994 I would fuck her hard.
-0.5983 Holy shit, I hadn't even considered this was possible!
-0.5848 I would fuck your wife all day!
-0.5848 I would fuck that duck!
-0.5848 Marvellous ass, by the way!
-0.5559 That pussy is not easily impressed.
-0.5423 Only then would I fuck your girl.
-0.5423 Epic ass is epic.
-0.4574 That's a fine ass!
-0.4023 Did you tell her you were not comfortable with her private chats?