/u/emptymatrix is kind of a dick.

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0.7944 If I LOL on one, i can LOL at the other one.
0.7326 I'm not sure if QR codes already can include that option, but it would be a great addition.
0.6094 It is really funny to see https://cash.coin.dance/blocks Profitability is starting to go down! Look at those big blocks!
0.5994 Wanting everything to comply with "original Satoshi's Vision" seems to me like an strictly limited spectrum...
0.5945 You must opt-in for RBF, so if you want to trust in zeroconf transactions you can do it without needing to do something
0.5773 RBF is opt-in, it didn't kill anything: https://bitcoincore.org/en/faq/optin_rbf/
0.5423 Es decir, que aunque te creas superior ellos, es probable que te vean como su pendejo.
0.5106 That's the way zeroconf works: the receiver has the choice of trust it or not.
0.5106 Yeah, it is impossible for someone as smart as Gavin could be tricked by Wright.
0.4404 That's good planning /s
0.4404 I'm sorry, my friend.

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-0.6808 No tiene nada de malo no asumir responsabilidades que no te tocan.
-0.5719 I'm being as dishonest as the OP.
-0.5574 Quienes podran serlo, resulta ser que son cuentas falsas en redes sociales o artculos "periodsticos" que las "citan" sin nombrarlas
-0.5574 Quienes podran serlo, resulta ser que son cuentas falsas en redes sociales o artculos "periodsticos" que las "citan" sin nombrarlas.
-0.5574 Y el deforma ya invent sus notas chistosas sin chiste
-0.5423 Others say that they will destroy the private keys of their BCH wallet. All are sensible options. Why call them hypocrites?
-0.5267 No entiendo porqu no deberamos tratarlos igual que cualquier otro delito cometido por mexicanos en territorio mexicano.
-0.5256 You're completely wrong.
-0.4767 So, it is too early to say any side is wrong, isn't it?
-0.4588 Gavin and Wright purposefully wanted to cheat everybody.
-0.4404 RBF is unrelated to block size.
-0.4019 That software can reject any RPF enabled transaction.