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0.9788 :) We'll improve on party UI in further updates. As for the best value for purchases, the Ardent Society subscription is hugely useful, giving a constant XP multiplier and unlimited travel.
0.9576 Wow, amazing - also played this a huge amount on my Pocket PCs, so great to see it coming back.
0.872 Jaybot, the main developer behind it, is still making Arvale games - http://store.steampowered.com/app/392920/ - though the originals are definitely the best :)
0.8555 Glad you're enjoying the game :)
0.8497 Oh, interesting - I've always just used older drivers after experiencing this issue, but this seems like a better approach!
0.8474 I can't promise this is exactly what will happen, but I can confirm that we aren't dead set on keeping it as it is, so there might be changes soon :)
0.836 The crossbow is super useful for cases where you're already well hidden - say, crouched inside a ventilation shaft or high up in the distance.
0.8313 :) Glad you like the game!
0.8201 It'll be a bit longer than this week , but definitely soon :)
0.8176 Interesting, we're in a somewhat similar situation and it's certainly a brave new world for anyone who is more used to the older ways of doing things.
0.8126 A Core 2 Duo sounds like a good idea for the CPU :)

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-0.762 The former unfortunately can't support the game since the GPU is weaker.
-0.6908 Note that only the tranq darts count as nonlethal, the regular and flame darts kill the target.
-0.4939 The colors aren't a linear progression - some of them indicate crafted items, and some loot found from enemies.
-0.4874 Had no idea it wasn't the original account.
-0.4215 The US release will be a bit longer than this week - there might have been a misunderstanding of the forum announcements.
-0.3612 This is a known bug - apologies for the inconvenience.
-0.3291 That's not to say it might never happen, but right now our options are limited.
-0.3167 It's just a matter of various implementations both legally and technically, and in our case it'd be very difficult to alter this at this point.
-0.2716 When the new server launches it might even be more empty for a while compared to the current ones since it'll take some time for new players to settle in.
-0.101 Well, there's often many little improvements not explicitly mentioned in the patch notes. Nonetheless, too bad none of this doesn't seem to work well...
-0.0516 The AoE port for PocketPC always amazed me - just a full version of the game, no limitations, no streamlining.
-0.041 I do own the 'Extended Edition' on Steam, but in my opinion it isn't nearly as good as the original.