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0.9686 hello i've played civilization 1 and 2 by the past and i would really love discover the 5 if i could win it i'm pretty sure i'll will discover it on on my twitch channel :) thanks a lot
0.9679 thanks a lot <3 i'm so happy it will be a good game to stream :D and i love van hellsing serie
0.9618 hello thanks for the chance i've played warhammer on the rpg's book version and would love playe warjammer 40k on pc's version thanks by advance good luck number 26
0.9584 Hello, thanks for your generosity it's sweet Wurm unlimited thanks for the chance and good luck everyone
0.9509 hello thanks for the chance i would love pseedrunners thanks good luck
0.9492 hello thanks for the great chance my fav pokemon it's suicune <3 the game i really would like it's warhammer.
0.9488 Hello thanks for the chance would love alien isolation number 26 good luck :D
0.9468 hello i would love Uriel's Chasm 2, i've begin to stream 15 days ago and it could be fun to have this game to stream :) good luck
0.946 hello thanks for your generosity i would love wargame: Red Dragon good luck
0.9325 hello thanks for the chance i would love Wurm unlimited good luck everyone
0.9217 hello thanks a lot ^^ yes i'm still interested :) thanks a lot

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-0.7845 i'm sorry for this stupid guy :'(
-0.5994 War for the overworld
-0.4019 crash bandicoot?
-0.1695 So I was fucking my daughter last night, and I don't know what surprised me most - the look on my wifes face or the fact the abortion clinic let me keep her...
-0.0516 Chang-King of Fighters
0.0 To begin from discover of the game to the leveling, farming and questing.
0.0 my husband get an old laptop .
0.0 outlast indeed ^^
0.0 i've try 01 99 81
0.0 or maybe are you Damian Wayne
0.0 are you Hal Jordan
0.0 Starheart was the ring wielded by Alan Scott?