/u/elpollofrito is very positive!

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39Overall Score
49Positive Score
16Negative Score
33Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8615 You look absolutely amazing love
0.8402 Amazing body love
0.8402 Glad I can compliment you directly then, you have amazing tits
0.8402 Your body is amazing love
0.8316 Good god your body's fuckin amazing
0.8316 Good god those are amazing
0.8176 Wow, perfect
0.8104 You have an absolutely stunning body love
0.7964 Amazing tits love
0.7964 Those tits are amazing and I love that bush
0.743 God I love this girl

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5574 Damn that middle ones tits though
-0.5423 Fuck I would be all over her
-0.3182 Cute as hell and surprisingly big tits
-0.2023 Holy shit those tits look delicious
-0.128 She's cute as fuck
-0.128 She's cute as fuck though
-0.1154 Disqualified for removing shirt but damn impressive tits
-0.0772 Damn those tits are impressive
-0.0772 God damn teach me all you want
-0.0516 Holy shit she's fuckin sexy
-0.0258 Sexy as fuck
-0.0258 Sexy as fuck