/u/ellieorsomething is kind of a dick.

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0.9287 I hope your life gets even better and that you live a happy life full of love
0.8021 I really enjoyed PLAYING the nightmare scene, but my favorite moment artistically and cinematically must have been the "Sacrifice Arcadia Bay" ending.
0.7964 I might be getting treatment sometime soon, but I just feel like nothing's gonna make me feel better.
0.7269 I hope the next year is a bit kinder on us all.
0.7096 I've been feeling motivated to make and play music, again.
0.6981 420blazeit congratulations!!!
0.6908 You can either reset, or just play the game to the end like you're playing now, because in order to complete pacifist run, you have to complete neutral run either way.
0.5944 It so beautiful and sad and it just works so well!
0.5719 There was a tumblr-post that described pretty accurately how I'm feeling right now.
0.5423 i should try this haha
0.5187 Obstacles is a common favorite and I love it as well, but in my opinion Spanish Sahara by Foals is deeply underrated.

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-0.9001 All that's left of me is a crying, apathetic, anxious mess, paralyzed by fear. The only reason I'm still here is because of how my family would react.
-0.8992 people who romanticize mental illnesses are so incredibly annoying though. there's nothing pretty or cool or edgy about depression.
-0.8979 I'm sorry. For a short period of time I felt better but now I am a sad, apathetic, anxious mess again.
-0.802 a girl picks gender studies, people complain. a girl picks stem, people still complain. bros. pals. buddies. what the fuck do you want
-0.7861 However, earlier this week I was having a REALLY tough time and basically contemplated killing myself.
-0.7781 I agree, in some way it would've been really cool if Max had fucked spacetime up so badly that everything just turned into a surrealistic, nightmare-ish mess.
-0.765 And it only gets worse once I start doing something and remember how bad I am at it.
-0.7462 I can't. It's so difficult to shape these feelings into words, especially since English is not my first language. I've been suffering quietly for three years.
-0.743 If I just forgot about my obsession with how I'm perceived, I would just sleep 23 hours a day and die of dehydration or something.
-0.7046 And my family is also the reason why I feel so selfish thinking about these things. I'm hurting horribly, but I still feel like I'm not hurting enough to get treatment. I can't do this anymore.
-0.6808 this broke the wall down after one week of being emotionless and dull and i started crying haha
-0.6646 I used to limit my drinking to social gatherings, but now I've started to get drunk on my own on the weekends just so I wouldn't get stuck in the "everyone hates you"-mindset.