/u/electrax is very positive!

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0.8631 This is seriously the nicest and most helpful community ever and I am SO grateful for it.
0.8591 :) Stay strong, friend.
0.8588 Good luck and have fun at the race!
0.8402 Wow, I love this so much.
0.8313 Congrats on 235 days -- that's awesome!
0.8172 Best of luck and keep us updated!
0.8122 :) Have a great weekend, everyone!
0.807 Great post, thanks!
0.79 It is a relief to not feel like you have to hide things from those you love, I agree.
0.7845 I wish you all the best on your continued journey of recovery.
0.7845 Beautiful :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6808 What the hell.
-0.611 I have been trying to suppress my feelings of regret and shame after my last relapse but it's fucking hard.
-0.5994 Irritability, feeling like life is boring sober, anxiety and exhaustion.
-0.5719 Last night I was sulking and grumpy because I was "missing out" on drinking.
-0.5267 Last night during an evening of distress, I almost drank.
-0.3818 I will not be drinking today even though I'm feeling sad.
-0.3612 It sucks so much, I know.
-0.3595 No way will I drink today!
-0.3164 I used to dread waking up early, but now I look forward to it!
-0.296 I will in no way, shape, or form be drinking today.
-0.296 No way am I drinking today.
-0.296 No drinking for me today.