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0.7876 Strache's position as head of the FP is shaky in 2007, but he does not fall. #9: "I was never a Neo-Nazi." After Jrg Haider and his supporters left the FP in 2005, the party hit rock bottom.
0.7845 If that happens and the opponents of the law win will the government respect the will of the people and scrap the law?
0.7783 The use of "paint ball guns helps to achieve the greatest possible reality", writes the neo-Nazi magazine.
0.7574 President Donald Trump has been one of the most prominent international backers of Brexit and has vowed quickly to negotiate a beautiful trade deal with the UK after it leaves the EU.
0.7425 As such, they are hugely valuable to countries such as Argentina and New Zealand that depend heavily on agricultural exports and the powerful farm lobby in the US.
0.712 I don't know very much about defense but there are some very loud and proud american users in this sub.
0.7096 That's why nazi hunters like Wiesenthal and the Klarsfelds had to push and shove in justice departments of various countries and the press.
0.6908 Writer Thomas Bernhard celebrates his the premiere of "Heldenplatz" this evening, a questioning play about Austria's handling of the Nazi era.
0.6801 Strache is enthusiastic and fully committed, it's a bond for life.
0.6764 But in Austria Strache is becoming more and more successful - even though the party is open to the far right and is criticized for it.
0.6705 With 12 years of endless election campaigning Strache has made his "Blauen" a popular party and a professed role model for the AfD.

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-0.918 Bombing the location of the stolen nuclear weapons would be very likely to avoid the loss of technology and dangerous fissile material.
-0.8957 The prosecution of war criminals wasn't particularly thorough in the west of the east.
-0.8934 Plenty of war criminals received lighter sentences or got released from prison because of 'health problems'.
-0.875 death by natural causes for the war criminals.
-0.8689 The turkish government is hostile to the fighting force that besieges ISIS in Raqqa and sees them as identical to the terrorist organization PKK.
-0.8519 No one with the knowledge of a critical exploit that wants to use it in war would risk exposure just to down one fighter in a celebration.
-0.836 And the US actually protected some war criminals from prosecution.
-0.8271 Yet if you take a look at the weapons ISIS uses / the weapons that are found in ISIS weapons caches, practically none are from Germany.
-0.8225 Schlchter is german for Butcher and was a common nickname for german war criminals .
-0.7914 Such an outcome would not be consistent with the principle of leaving other [WTO] members no worse off, nor fully honour the existing TRQ access commitments.
-0.7906 It could have fallen over and killed someone.
-0.765 He has broken off the visit, Strache says, he thought the conditions and people there were horrible.