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0.9181 I've had really good luck with Cannings, nice tone, excellent stability.
0.8402 Does kind of say a lot that demonstrably intelligent Christians stear clear of Liberty.
0.8049 Make sure you warm up, you don't want to hurt yourself with moves like that.
0.7717 Agree, wish I could survive on 45 minute cat naps like I did then.
0.7506 Spoken like a true Klan supporter.
0.7397 Very nice choice, classy.
0.6705 Keep your cockholster nice and firm, trumps gonna need your support as the noose tightens.
0.6353 What fucking joke university gives tRump; a grifter, conman and crook, a fucking honorary law degree?
0.6249 Nope, just frequent flyer to the great white north and former pick up player with St.
0.6239 That's brilliant!
0.5994 Pretty funny tRump defending Cassidy when he has no fucking clue what is in the Casidy bill.

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-0.8689 It's also difficult to talk with people who murder people who disagree with them.
-0.8555 Kobach is a lying piece of shit, he needs to resign now.
-0.8384 In case you completely missed it, illegal immigration the the US has Ben dropping over the past decade, it's at it's lowest in 20 years.
-0.7964 Fuck your states rights if you are a fascist state.
-0.7783 Stupid fuckwits are gonna be stupid fuckwits.
-0.7717 The issue is that they were statues dedicated to persons who started a war against the US to defend slavery.
-0.7645 It's kind of pathetic how many people think marriage is only about procreation and that somehow being gay makes people sterile and incapable of having children.
-0.743 The shit stink didn't give it away?
-0.7269 And if the next target is legitimate it will de dealt with, if it's false equivalence bullshit it will be ignored.
-0.7089 I guess there's no fixing that kind of stupid.
-0.6983 So just paranoid freakshow trump talking out of his ass, got it.
-0.6597 The result of a failed drug policy and an AG who is an ignorant uninformed boob.