/u/eaterofdog is kind of a dick.

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0.8765 They are like a raw potato, but pretty sweet.
0.7845 Luckily my grandfather was a positive influence.
0.7351 Seems to be pretty dick-boggling too judging from the interest.
0.707 The nice thing is I'm never around assholes when I'm not at work.
0.7026 Upper middle class already knows they are better and don't give a shit what anybody thinks.
0.7003 You can plot their intelligence level by how long it takes them to get smart about blabberguts.
0.6369 You just perfectly defined settling.
0.6369 That is glorious.
0.6249 Until we mentioned that we would be glad to have a service if they'd like to pay the $10K or so.
0.596 I've been feeding and taming two feral kitties for two years now and they look SO much better.
0.5562 Microtech! Switchblades are legal in Florida lol

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-0.9033 Greed and arrogance outdone by someone even more greedy and arrogant.
-0.8074 You guys are going to ruin that whole bad boy image we've been working on for 30 years.
-0.802 There was a shitty chiropractor in the shitty redneck town I was living in and she loudly tells the girl working the front counter to call her doctor.
-0.7964 It always chaffed my dad's ass that I didn't need him or his shitty advice.
-0.7823 They are just as stubborn as we are and much more willing to die.
-0.7783 Maybe pull it out if I get suckered into some team building bullshit.
-0.765 Those are the people whose life goes into a death spiral at the first money problem.
-0.7177 I say we stomp him, then we tattoo him, then we hang him, then we kill him!
-0.7096 "Grandpa, you can cut a bitch later.
-0.6908 Goddam, I missed out on this one.
-0.6705 I had had enough of this bullshit and stayed behind.
-0.6652 Now I've never said this before, but you need to listen to your dick