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0.9168 The steak comes out perfect, and the char is amazing! That said, deep-frying does give a great, uniform crust on a steak.
0.91 I could say the same for you - love a nice undies bulge like you have :)
0.9081 I care for him a lot and I want him to know I support him."* They obviously care, and want to help.
0.9061 To be honest, I felt the same way - we got Nora in April 2016 and we lucked out that she is pretty calm, if very intense .
0.8979 After we heard from friends in California who had great success with the Optifast program under Kaiser Health we did some googling and found out that a local hospital system had the program.
0.8885 You've got a great staff and a great venue with lots of room to expand.
0.882 Honestly, that is the name that he came with when we adopted him, but it's a really good fit!
0.875 She was also great for answering any questions you might have about food, exercise, or anything program-related about your health. I hope this helps.
0.8608 Well, first I'd have to get my husband on Reddit, but the dinner parties might be fun and then...hmm, we'd need to work on that last bit.
0.8478 It was exciting learning to tie one on a rocking ship, but I love the heck out of the look!
0.8439 Info to save you a click: Midwest FurFest and Wolfhusky Events are pleased to sponsor a special private screening of the new Disney movie, Zootopia!

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-0.8883 If I sat down to the of the meals that I used to eat there is no way in hell I'd be able to finish it, or if I did I would feel utterly disgusting.
-0.6808 No harm, no foul :-)
-0.6696 If you find yourself with an hour or two to kill, stop by the Info Desk and talk to our Volunteer folks - we almost always need someone to help out here or there!
-0.5994 Get into a bidding war.
-0.597 I would have if I had properly used the Reddit submission form, which it appears I did not :) Thank you for the heads up!
-0.5859 This meant that we were limited to a tiny room block on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and had to wait until as late as Friday afternoon to use some of the function space in the hotel.
-0.5574 After at least two decades of being way overweight, my husband and I decided to work together to drop some of the weight.
-0.5528 When we were looking to adopt Charlie in July I wasn't sure we would be able to handle another full-on, slightly neurotic border collie since we live in a townhouse with no fenced yard.
-0.4956 It's not like the convention gets a cut of the sales, and after the costs for tables, tablecloths, hall rental, and electricity, the net revenue from dealers table registrations is relatively small.
-0.4939 He is 80-90% blind due to detached retinas, likely from a previous autoimmune condition according to our vet .
-0.4215 As Midwest FurFest grows, that conflict would only increase, resulting in both groups being unhappy.
-0.4019 The fact that he's blind offsets that a bit, plus we were able to give a home to a special needs dog that was having problems finding the right family.