/u/drunkassprickass is very positive!

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0.875 Oh wow, I don't know if I can agree because I've seen some wonderful girls on GW...
0.8553 This is beautiful and I would love to visit this place!
0.8459 I know it sounds typical, but I am truly, genuinely grateful!
0.8458 I'm so happy you've enjoyed my photos!!
0.8402 I'm perfectly fine with this :)
0.8271 lol but I was just curious about genetics. \__/ Edit: why don't you let me sit on your face and make you feel better?
0.8271 what I mean is, I have an album ready coming up pretty soon :)
0.8268 <3 you're too sweet, thank you!
0.8196 I would tell you, but I think it'd be more fun if I post more pictures of my tits and have you guess again :)
0.802 Just be confident, sexy and flirty.
0.8016 You are beautiful and such a sweet heart!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7269 Holy crap, that ass.
-0.6705 I know :( I'm a piece of crap for not keeping my word...
-0.5859 "Breakfast in bed with slut, Drunkassprickass" would be the title.
-0.5848 I feel bad about the down votes!
-0.5267 I was just worried because I talked to one of the workers and he said there's no water sources except at the entrance where we can fill up before heading out.
-0.4648 I've seen your posts while browsing through Gonewild a few times and I am so envious!
-0.4404 I'd suck you so fucking dry.
-0.3818 It's left to us to interpret just how many times Cage had done some of the routines with hints from dialogue and how he maneuvered around obstacles when you least expect it.
-0.3595 No need to take it down!
-0.34 Unfortunately, I didn't have a Netflix buddy at the time.
-0.296 lol ok I'll buy it. Let me suck your dick.
-0.2755 I can't thank you enough.