/u/drnemo is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.93 well, you've got a perfect body, beautiful hands, and one great brain for photography.
0.9042 what a perfect body & beautifully interesting face - that chest, my god.
0.9013 you definitely worked out a good rainbow, I really appreciated the creativity - plus Floyd.
0.8979 I could certainly spend some time nibbling on those perfect nipples, as well as the other delicious pink in there.
0.8839 I'm not exactly sure why, but wow this picture is sexy.
0.8834 gorgeous, as always, and thank you for the beauty in my day.
0.8519 thanks for continuing to share yourself, I for one love seeing you around.
0.8481 thank you for sharing, what a beautiful girl.
0.8439 wow, so gorgeous.
0.8357 wow, the most amazing body I've seen in a long time.
0.8271 just be sure to turn around from time to time so I can see that beautiful smile.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7213 KILLER body.
-0.7063 I can imagine them getting hard in my mouth, so that I might suck the tension away.
-0.6801 that and your absolutely killer body.
-0.6486 what a killer body you have.
-0.6486 killer video.
-0.6486 killer body.
-0.6486 what a killer body.
-0.6124 got maxed anyway, no worries.
-0.5719 we had some inactive members and a few negative folks who are gone.
-0.5423 too bad I'm in LA
-0.5267 you are seriously going to haunt my thoughts.
-0.5106 that was an ugly way to say that