/u/drewboobies is kind of a dick.

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0.8957 Obviously I think he's still a Hemarroid but I will always respect him as a great player..not enough to sign anything with a Bruins logo though.
0.7717 I see him as a Team superstar over the "look at me I'm the best" NHL superstars like Crosby, Ovechkin and so on.
0.765 I see any players success as a product of good linemates.
0.7543 But it I know not all Caps fans are bad but I kept the post in our subreddit to again make conversation and to poke harmless fun and a person who clearly needs to calm the fuck down.
0.7506 Marchands skill goes hand in hand with Bergerons.
0.743 Please scroll through all the shit talking I do to fellow Bruins fans in the Bruins subreddit.
0.7425 Thank fucking God I don't get to watch these bumd play for 4 days
0.6597 Hang on to that innocence as long as you can lol.
0.6369 That's why I love hockey over all other sports.
0.6124 Yes, please click on the post in r/BostonBruins that is directed at the invading community.
0.6124 Well that's a good start...good job nhl.tv

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-0.802 This is tough but I'm all for Face breaking Killer staying
-0.7351 Just be ready for some seriously stupid shit to come out of his mouth.
-0.7184 Just gonna say that it's cause Colorado has our number at home...nothing to do with we played like a trash fire in a dead hookers ass
-0.7102 Is it wrong that I got a little sad we weren't getting any of it?
-0.6994 Waited 4 days for this shit???
-0.6956 For the most part we get along but it's just been bad this particular season.
-0.6818 Just not like Seguin EDIT * 7 - 3 ass fucking
-0.6542 I'm not saying you are all bad, far from it but the ones who linger and troll are the ones I'm warning them about.
-0.6486 If we give that fucker a shut out I might have a stroke
-0.6486 He puts all kinds of weird shit in his guns.
-0.6478 Here we go, making conversation as the post intended Trust me I get the anger, especially since we are one of the most shit on fanbases in sports.
-0.6374 I'm completely fine with intersub chirping but these guys go out of their way to fuck with people and just hang around.