/u/downtown_toontown is kind of a dick.

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0.9041 Yeah all the people who voted for her are just made up. Cheers to you buddy, I hope all the future elections you get to participate in inspire you just as much as this first one!
0.875 After that, the should be free to join society. He IS free to join society.
0.872 I respect your opinion and I think it's well reasoned although I will continue to appreciate the pauselessness of souls games :)
0.8374 Seems like you could just write "ZOMBIES LOL" on a piece of paper 1000 times and basically have accomplished the same thing.
0.836 *Every* election people sell out the realistic candidate that objectively represents their interests and values better than the other to prove how cool and unique they are by voting third-party.
0.8238 I hope you don't mind if I steal this and say this to my friends.
0.8126 I do this pretty much every single playthrough because I love the Dark Wood Grain Ring inappropriately.
0.7579 Wizards has no obligation to perfectly consistent and all-encompassing standards of who they want playing in the organized and sanctioned play of the game they make.
0.7034 OK thanks I'll get something made tonight.
0.6908 My enjoyment of SRS has increased 17% since I installed SJW-
0.6808 Fuck his life and his hopes and his dreams and every shred of happiness he might ever have.

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-0.9708 You're literally defending a rapist. A RAPIST A FUCKING RAPIST Jesus Christ fuck reddit.
-0.9538 Kill seath. Upgrade to +5 weapon. Murder andre, get wolf ring, murder Sif. Put wolf ring on for New Londo.
-0.9459 Is it wrong for a company to deny him a job because he's a literal fucking rapist who literally raped a person?
-0.9459 Is it wrong for a leasing company to deny him an apartment because he's a literal fucking rapist who literally raped a person?
-0.9424 IF RAPISTS CAN'T PLAY THEN FUCK YOU I WON'T PLAY EITHER If you don't feel welcomed when rapists aren't welcome, that says some unpleasant things about you.
-0.9371 Ban them from tournaments, ban them from mtgo, ban them from the game shop, ban them from FUCKING EVERYTHING.
-0.9191 Get out of your bullshit slippery slope madness for a second and realize this dude RAPED A PERSON.
-0.9169 If we take this to the extreme, does it mean that every crime deserves the death penalty? Slippery slope argument at its finest.
-0.9134 Is it wrong for a softball league not to let him join a team because he's a literal fucking rapist who literally raped a person?
-0.9118 Kill lizard for twinklies. Backstab skellingtons with club, switch to black knight weapon, kill Nito. Go to Seath's.
-0.905 Is it wrong for me to not invite him to my weekly game nights with my friends because he's a literal fucking rapist who literally raped a person?
-0.8932 Kill 4kings. Run through valley of drakes one more time for dragon crest shield then buy twinklies to upgrade it Kill gwyn. Taaa daaa!