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0.9392 I have a lot of friends with nice cards and I would like to give back some help. My box is https://dbz.space/box/Kare Thank you all for your help!
0.9345 Yeah, I found a more defensive build with Omega but I didn't think about using Meta Rilldo, that way I'm not getting serious damage on that turn. Thanks for your suggestions, much appreciated!
0.9067 Do you think the optimal lineup would be the same as JP? Thanks for the great work you do as always!
0.902 I guess I judged LR Trunks too soon, amazing post and congrats for being a mod! Quick question: There's no place for SSj Gotenks in Super PHY 2.0 even if you miss one of the optimal cards?
0.8883 I would like to beat him in super difficulty. Here's my box: https://dbz.space/box/Kare Much appreciated and thanks in advance!
0.8834 I wish you the best and keep enjoying the game.
0.8613 Hahaha yeah, I leave a MV leader when I go to sleep or can't play for a few hours to repay the favours to all the people with Gogetas/Super Vegitos/Gotenks I have on my friend list.
0.8553 It would be awesome if you post a team like that for stage 4. Thank you for the info!
0.8519 I too have to thank /u/R0H4N_101 because with his help, [I have these two awesome SSJ3s]
0.8472 Super AGL with SSJ4 Vegeta friends) as I don't wish to spend more money on this game, so I hope at least I can pull one and live with that. Thank you for the reply!
0.8439 Thanks mate, good luck to you too!

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-0.8981 Even I do not post much, it's a damn shame to lose the really amazing work you and the others do due to teenager bullshit dick-measuring-contest drama who only contribute anger shitposting.
-0.883 How much damage reduction does this fucker has? Otherwise it's a bit relying on luck, nothing a good app emergency close can't save. Thank you so much u/steviewonderkid
-0.6887 Just wrote to bamco, Spain here with iOS 10 and I cannot load anything, so we're fucked.
-0.6707 Beerus kicked my ass so hard I need sweet revenge.
-0.6707 Beerus kicked my ass so hard I need sweet revenge.
-0.6369 So then, the only relevant skill is critical, I don't see the point of additional attacks even I read the linked threads...
-0.6124 Yeah, that would be the case but I don't know if the additional attack skill ignores that passive.
-0.5927 Maybe they were banning live but it's obvious it's a very simple detection script that leaves cheaters unharmed.
-0.5859 That's the usual dokkan bullshit I guess.
-0.5719 Would he make a mess of too much ki on the rotations or you lose a significant amount of damage? Thanks for your time
-0.4939 Yeah, I wasted some training items on the STR one, I thought he was SR and thus the confusion.
-0.4767 Shame people downvote before getting the facts.