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0.926 Good luck sok sikert :) Edit: trust me hungarian girls will melt when you try to speak even a few words in hungarian.
0.891 Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Suarez
0.8689 nice quality, awesome job, thanks for making it compatible with roll20
0.8519 Personally I am looking forward to it, I hope you guys at Parsec can deliver an awesome streaming solution.
0.807 I would love own a nice used one!
0.807 I use fira code too, it's really easy for the eyes, great for js/php
0.802 You cant learn every template and library, pick some popular ones you like and you are good to go.
0.7906 Also check out Strong Curves by Bret Contreras, a lot of girls out there having success with it.
0.7906 Learned some awesome Shaheen combos from you, thanks.
0.7897 Play ME in order, first episode is really good and its aged really well.
0.7889 I would like to change to OS X since I cant really use any good desing tools with linux, but for coding workflow, ubuntu is really nice.

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-0.875 Have you ever heard the tragedy of Drunk Plagueis the wasted?
-0.5719 Geez I see a lot of hate in some comments.
-0.5574 The phone died too
-0.5423 I always miss the train :(
-0.5367 So much content wasted IMO
-0.4939 That croatian bomb before the goal
-0.4782 Do more if you can, I wanted to do the same but didnt found any good method.
-0.4717 Also you do not need to play for online services if you play only singleplayer stuff.
-0.4215 umm guys pls attack
-0.3802 Dont be greedy!
-0.3626 It's kinda hard to beat Brazil's first place here :/
-0.3572 Yes it's not super advanced cs stuff, but be open minded and never stop learning and then the challange never ends :)