/u/dirtybabygirl is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.9507 Wow, thank so much, so happy that you like my posts :)
0.8935 Aww, it makes me so happy i could help :)
0.8903 So happy u enjoyed baby :)
0.8899 I'm so happy you enjoyed it :)
0.8858 Thanks :) Ya i love those boots!
0.876 Mmm i love licking them clean :P
0.875 Happy u enjoyed it :)
0.872 I'm happy you enjoy them :)
0.8653 I completely agree about a longer session lol ;) Thanks!
0.8622 Ya i do :) I'm glad u enjoyed!
0.8591 Thanks :) Yes, i do ;)

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5242 Such a waste!!
-0.2621 idk, maybe, one day?!?
0.0 and thats saying a lot!!
0.0 Mmmm thats hot!
0.0 I could def.
0.0 Mmmmmm thats hot!
0.0 Yup this video...
0.0 Very hot video!
0.0 Lol....Yes, it is very addictive!
0.2244 be careful!
0.2263 Sure...or something else ;)
0.4199 oh i like the sound of that!