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0.9405 People who podcast are generally really awesome and passionate people who want to help others learn about whatever it is they're passionate about.
0.8909 The air check thread could be more active but it's a great start and I'm sure if it updates weekly we'll start to see more activity in there.
0.886 Super late to the party but I just found your site and am eternally grateful for the work you've put into giving aspiring voice actors a shot.
0.8805 It's just my philosophy but I like beds under longer breaks to keep a little momentum going into the next song. Great stuff and can't wait to hear more next week!
0.8765 Robotech cartoon was a little before my time but my cousin was an avid fan and had the entire series on VHS, which I got to enjoy once he moved out.
0.8553 If any of your friends would also like to share their filth, please let them know. And keep up the filth!
0.8478 Excellent, I love filth!
0.8442 Would love to have you on to promote whatever you're immediately working on, and sure others would too.
0.8442 Chances are it'll help your confidence as a comic and give you a chance to interact with audiences who will want to keep tabs on you, because you're not their usual performer.
0.8225 Some fair points in here IMO but it's pretty aggressive, yes?
0.8221 This is more of a fanboy comment, but WOW!

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-0.7964 You have Cena and his problem of having to deal with those three challengers, plus the built in idea that Reigns is on fire and a threat.
-0.7845 My guess is it'll still be illegal, since I think you'll be expected to take control of the car should a system failure occur.
-0.7783 Plus, you have Rollins as an element, who also poses a threat to Cena, but it's Ambrose who poses the threat to Rollins.
-0.7303 I up-vote most everyone unless their posts are a new level of awful...Am I going to Reddit hell???
-0.6597 I'm actually shocked and disappointed with the internet that this took so long to happen.
-0.5927 I'm more of a "I can do it but suck at explaining" type of guy.
-0.5423 Go for Breaking Bad though.
-0.4767 Usually this hissing noise comes from recording from mic level inputs, which have a poor signal-to-noise ratio.
-0.4588 "My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks."
-0.4588 My sister was going through an "All things British" phase and she watched Doctor Who and forced me to watch it with her.
-0.34 Condenser mics like the one you have are death in these situations.
-0.3392 This is going to sound really bad, but I know a lot of comics who do this on the road.