/u/derip69 is very positive!

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0.9441 I love the poker face hahaha Thanks m8 I really appreciate it :'D
0.921 I love it :D THANKS DUDE!
0.9042 he's my close friend and he knew that I wanted it so he used that moment to make me laugh and surprise me :3
0.902 really excited to play it with few friends. I've a 970 with an i5 4690k cpu. THANKS :'D
0.863 damn dude you're so talented :D thank you
0.8315 You made the penguin look so happy :')) Thank you!
0.829 it keeps asking for administrative privileges but I dont know how to give it admininstrive priovvgiles Great work by the way!
0.8074 stay strong =) remember that the PCMR community is always around for you when you need it, you know how to find us <3 may your frames be high and your temperature be low.
0.8034 Rocket League :D Thanks mate!
0.7865 697 edit: thanks :D
0.765 Congrats =)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8225 Actually the guy who left the match was Silver master and he rage quit after few rounds, he thought that they were hacking or cheating as the game was wayy too hard for a silver
-0.4767 they ruined my nova 3 promotion
-0.4404 ya I noticed I ranked up from silver master to nova 3 in 2 days only, won around 14 matches in a row, no smurfers or hackers, then got fucked in this one http://puu.sh/gInXz/183cde0a0a.jpg
-0.4215 I've the same case but there's no any light near the power button
-0.3612 bitch please, I've 150kb/s Its going to take me 1058 hours.
-0.3384 I'm so nervous ughh
-0.3182 ITS A TRAP
-0.3182 just some normal sarcastic stuff or a serious episode?
0.0 your words really touched me.
0.0 you got this man!
0.0 XTZ Earphone 12 :=D
0.0 notice the green hose.