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0.8248 Because attempting in good faith to meet an ambitious goal - and failing, but still making substantial progress towards it - isn't the same thing as not trying at all.
0.7906 We know the vast majority hold as least some views that are completely incompatible with multiculturalism. That describes Canada pretty well, yes.
0.7264 If you like, you're entirely free to write or e-mail directly to the news division or individual programs.
0.7184 I can give the Liberals the benefit of the doubt for a while, and how they handle the trans rights bill will be a good test of that commitment.
0.7096 A friend in Thunder Bay convinced me to reroute despite the single lane reopening - he claims the locals are staying away if they can.
0.7022 What's gained by trying to prove that a form of bigotry isn't "really" racist?
0.6369 Granted, but at least it's *vaguely* positive noises, rather than the CPC's stonewalling and dodging, or their fair-weather support for LGBTQ rights when convenient to attack Russia.
0.6335 The very best reason to hold an inquiry has always been this curiously intense defensiveness from people don't want an inquiry.
0.624 And more importantly, speaks to the implausibility of the idea that he's just, like, *super* into dark satire, man, who *really* knows what he thinks, etc.
0.6124 Like how Conservatives suddenly started caring deeply about LGBTQ rights for about five minutes, back when it was useful for talking shit about Russia, for instance.)
0.5859 It's very much peripheral to the objective of providing news reporting and entertainment programming to Canadians, free of the corporate influence or fiscal pressures of the private sector.

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-0.9545 There's a lot of horrendous beliefs out there, like racism and sexism and homophobia, and plenty of hostility to multiculturalism. (Except when convenient to attack designated villains, of course.
-0.9186 Agreed; "speak no ill of the dead" ought properly to be for your widowed great-aunt, who had a hoarding problem and always drank too much at Christmas.
-0.9062 Other public service employees are unlikely to kill or physically harm people when they do their jobs wrong.
-0.9017 There's a wide gap between "rejoicing" at his death, and being disgusted by how the very real harm he did is being brushed aside to lionize him as the "Mayor of Heaven."
-0.891 While abhorrent, those are exceptional in a way that police violence, unfortunately, simply isn't.
-0.8867 At 33, having been so drastically wrong about the efficacy and outcomes of those is why I'm opposed to this war, and pretty much any war that isn't literally defending Canadian soil from invasion.
-0.8813 But many people who don't want to have any discussion of racism in Canada beyond condemning only the most overt slurs and hate crimes, who refuse to believe in structural discrimination, etc.
-0.8625 Punishing hate, rather than equivocating and dismissing it as unimportant.
-0.8591 But, by telling chiefs who are having problems with racism to call him directly, the commissioner has short-circuited the system that is in place to deal with problems of that nature, Mr.
-0.8542 There is absolutely no question - *in his own words!* - that he sexually assaulted that woman, whether or not it exposed him to a criminal charge in Iceland.
-0.8122 The RCMP has a particularly bad historical record as a police force, with regards to discriminatory abuses of power, so I'll believe it when I see it.
-0.7783 If a girl is willing to walk home with me, she's going to get the dick no matter how much she has drunk.