/u/del_castigator is a total dick!

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0.8169 honestly this is fucking hilarious you are such a fucking joke.
0.6705 Pretty sure that I am one of the people in this pic.
0.659 Fucking please if that were true and the reason for banning trans people then all white people from serving cause most of them couldn't pass the tests if they tried they are too fat and too old.
0.5859 Yes it would have been painful if they had enough time to register that they were even hot think of your reaction time to putting your hand on a hot stove top.
0.5859 Yes well international law does not apply here Spanish law does.
0.5789 Do you think that Superman's hold was restraining Zod sure maybe his head but if Zod had wanted he could have easily moved his eyes to the side and incinerated all the humans.
0.5541 Women not wanting to be identified by an honorific of marital status is not comparable to a person who does not want to be identified by an honorific of gender?
0.5106 The only thing confirmed is that they try to release pricing, which includes free, when possible.
0.4939 Id love to see Mayweather in a MMA match he would get his ass kicked by someone like McGregor.
0.4939 Cracker had an infinite army though I honestly think this fight will be easier.
0.4847 They are not the fuckers in charge of knowing game mechanics.

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-0.9403 No one fired robet Lee you dumb lying cunt
-0.9246 Once hes beaten he forces his enemy kill him rather than surrendering by threatening more humans. when he first uses his heat vision it moves very quickly then slowly inches towards the humans.
-0.8624 to appease bigots so this ban is not really about any of that shit its just a smoke screen of an argument for a bigots.
-0.8402 The increased suicide risk of trans people comes from harassment in many different forms.
-0.8387 If they didn't fucking respond you cunts would bitch about how they don't respond.
-0.83 That is why I think this was a ploy by a distraught Zod so he could die
-0.8176 Shit that means Edd will die so Jamie can become the 1000th lord commander I had not thought about that before.
-0.8074 Zod wanted revenge or death.
-0.7845 You guys are as dumb as the shit you post
-0.7717 The Tarleys were dead from having everything cooked in one or two seconds after they were hit by the dragon fire.
-0.743 she has permanent damage that will only continue to get worse.
-0.7351 You are wrong will always be wrong.