/u/deflateddoritodinks is kind of a dick.

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0.7314 Are they kneeling to thank God they're not poor black people?
0.6696 Greatest economy is 8 years!
0.6696 So now the Dems love insurance companies?!
0.6666 You're so full of love.
0.5831 Can we please not have those obnoxious "You ought to know" commercials?
0.5559 "It's a not a suicide note." = probably says allahu Akbar.
0.4939 She's pretty slimey.
0.474 Many people who work as cost accountants for Lockheed, IRS agents, and mailmen become fabulously wealthy with millions in the bank!
0.4404 Profits from flying in kilos of coke?
0.4215 In Poland they have people that pose as Jews as tourist attractions.
0.4019 Maybe his kid WILL need Medicaid hopefully.

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-0.9099 My theory is he owed money to people who were going to kill him in a very unpleasant manner, so he took as many people with him before he committed suicide.
-0.8888 I don't like them bringing in muslim rapists that I also have to support and illegal aliens selling heroin.
-0.836 Here in the People's Republic black "teen" thugs often have their illegal weapons charges dropped because mandatory sentencing.
-0.7184 Looks like you can run tanks on the top of the inner wall to kill illegal aliens.
-0.6588 The worst state evah!
-0.6428 What kind of people watch this shit?
-0.6249 Like murdering thugs immune from gun charges, etc.
-0.6249 Until Obama showed up he was the worst president in history.
-0.5983 I shit you not!
-0.5423 Just think if everyone got their gross pay then had to write checks.
-0.5423 Not a bad bunch.
-0.5267 If you have a couple of illegitimate kids, and you're bf is a drug dealer then we the taxpayer will subsidize your criminal lifestyle.