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0.8883 Here's a song about the Amida Buddha, literally the nicest guy ever! Instrumental guitar rock, for your listening pleasure. https://soundcloud.com/seanotron/nembutsu Edit: free download enabled
0.8718 Beautiful work, thanks for sharing!
0.8555 Despite the ravages of addiction, Simon was a natural genius who had a special love for the irrational... http://imgur.com/nL74R3R
0.8534 There are a lot of great units available from different manufacturers, but I got a Coronado PST and have really loved it.
0.8519 great detail, love the moons.
0.8516 Bonus: original music! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7kc9-_QeIc I did save many unprocessed AVIs from Saturday, however; I'll string them together and post a link for you later on.
0.85 Astrophotography is hard work, but oh-so-much fun :)
0.8402 If you're interested, several h-alpha experts can be found at AstronomyForum.net, or feel free to PM me for further info :)
0.8268 extra super ultra bonus for Reddit!
0.8248 I'll definitely acquire more aperture one day, but for now I'm really trying to make the best use of what I have.
0.8217 This praise means a lot coming from you; I am positively enamored with your recently reprocessed animation!!

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-0.636 Visual observation, no problem!
-0.5473 Shoot, I even got Titan once. http://i.imgur.com/oynacMb.jpg IDK about imaging DSOs, however.
-0.5423 That's correct, although I think the taste will suffer a bit.
-0.508 Haven't gone in that direction myself, the kit is damn expensive!!
-0.4215 For example, here's a full disc mosaic I made out of about 20 subframes @ 3X: http://i.imgur.com/xn26meZ.jpg Of course, the disadvantage there is that more data = more processing work...
-0.3818 I wrote this after being asked to produce a "boss battle" track.
-0.3802 I didn't find this, I wrote it! Just don't tell the mods or I'll get banhammered for self promotion :\
-0.3382 perhaps I'll be the lone voice in dissent and say post your stuff where ever you think it will be seen!
-0.3182 Delay of approximately 30-45 seconds between each video.
-0.3089 I didn't image the whole disc because I didn't see any interesting features on the other side.
-0.2682 I'm a tremendous fan of your work, particularly the Suspended Animation album.
-0.2263 FWIW, I have a distracting number of floaters in my right eye.