/u/deathtocontrollers is kind of a dick.

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0.8834 My brain associates the word "loser" with being free, being happy, being strong etc.
0.8402 Well if someone values freedom more than almost everything else, they would probably answer "yes."
0.8126 Yes, I found your comment to be helpful, thanks dude.
0.765 I had to reload a save from before my party entered the Endless Paths to escape the cycle.
0.743 Publishers and devs would be better off if they ignored these people and focused on their loyal customers.
0.7351 Right and conspiracies don't exist because everyone on this Earth is an honest person who believes in being good to their fellow man and woman.
0.7177 It's too easy for people to become therapists nowadays and I don't want to risk seeing one like Ingrid...
0.7096 Jealousy is a sign of love or attraction.
0.6369 That's just life and you just have to deal with it and make the best out of it.
0.6369 People with money who love games will buy games.
0.6369 Therefore, in the end, the publishers, the devs and the loyal customers LOSE while the pirates WIN.

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-0.9501 In life, there is no way to avoid abuse, pain, stress, suffering etc.
-0.9451 The bitch should be sent to prison for a long time for the crime of trying to subject an innocent man to a fate worse than death.
-0.8591 Jealousy only leads to emotional abuse as a response to emotional abuse from the other partner.
-0.8316 16 months in jail for something worse than attempted murder, basically.
-0.8214 You can't convince morons that violent video games don't turn people into violent psychopaths.
-0.8074 "Do I get a refund on my Souvlaki?" Fuck you, bitch.
-0.802 And taking a shit in a bucket inside your van would just be nasty.
-0.7964 Imagine fighting for your fatherland in the hell pit that was the trenches of WW1 and then later on, the same fatherland sends you and your people to concentration camps.
-0.7845 And there's people out there who say revenge is a bad thing...
-0.7783 Whoever built that wedding hall must have been a dumb ass.
-0.7506 Lying is only worth it in a life or death situation.
-0.7269 After prison, he'd end up being unemployed for life because who would hire a felon who was guilty of armed robbery?