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0.9186 I will definitely look into some the other ones especially Child of Light. Have you ever played Contrast, it is a gorgeous game with a beautiful soundtrack.
0.8979 Well that escalated quickly. Goddammit Reddit, we ruined a perfectly good surprise. Happy birthday internet bro.
0.886 This is great work, glad to know we have such talented tattoo artists in Provo.
0.8779 My god those are amazing, I would love to own one.
0.8555 I love the song Summertime and classics like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.
0.8519 Awesome, thank you for help explaining to me.
0.8519 Short dungeon queues sounds nice hahaha Thanks
0.8494 Also love that series :D
0.8402 Wow I love the sound of Peyroux.
0.836 Thank you kindly for the update friend.
0.8268 Hahaha, wow!

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-0.6808 That is one dapper motherfucker
-0.5867 Could not be better timing and these are some crazy stories.
-0.5574 Unfortunately no.
-0.5537 They said it usually takes a couple of months to get items like this. Sucks :'(
-0.5423 Dude, the sky ride is sketchy as fuck.
-0.4924 I couldn't even finish the original it was so bad imho.
-0.4767 Don't know if it is worse than the jetstar 2 though
-0.4374 Fuck yeah man!!
-0.4118 I had not heard about this :/ Was that a traveling carnival?
-0.4019 My bad, I admit I did not search much before posting.
-0.4019 I have been having a similar problem and thought I'd was my computer.
-0.4019 Damn you beat me to it.