/u/ddandrade is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9567 that's some huge luck :D thank you so much for the giveaway and loved the rules :)
0.9438 i hate missing this huge opportunity but i really have to leave :S if it's possible reservations let me know good luck on your awesome giveaway :D
0.9008 thanks you are awesome :D
0.9008 thanks for the awesome magnezone :D
0.9008 thanks a lot you are awesome :D
0.9008 received an awesome uxie thanks a lot :D
0.8907 no prob :) but its really cool that you are giving an equal opportunity to all
0.8834 gave me a shiny volcarona in a great giveaway thanks again appreciated
0.876 :D you are awesome ;)
0.8757 Received a badass fabulous pink moltres! thanks :D
0.875 thanks you are awesome :)

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5574 sorry the server failed its there now
-0.296 you can keep him, no prob
-0.296 no prob just give me a sec
-0.1513 dang so sorry already redeposited
-0.1111 Deposited a lvl 20 male anorith Ign: Davidson Thank u/BoldArch You made a typo on Rule 7 :S
0.0 Rayquaza since is legendary
0.0 a shiny if its possible
0.0 may i havea deoxys?
0.0 Deposited a male lvl 4 Bunnelby.
0.0 depoited male hoppip lvl 7 IGN: Davidson
0.0 btw my message is my reddit name
0.0 deposited male growlithe lvl 62 Ign:Davidson