/u/davidwinters is very positive!

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0.9184 lol, i love how chubby he is, thanks for sharing!
0.9098 I sure love seeing your stuff on instagram, thanks for sharing the secret sauce!
0.8784 I hate goldfish but I love this, nice job!
0.8689 This edge here http://i.imgur.com/VYKDqre.png looks like it made up of 2 or 3 strokes where you might have been better served with one confident stroke, smooth hard edge, and bold color.
0.8481 I was very unhappy with this painting and almost didn't post it, but you guys have been so kind and supportive.
0.8402 FWIW, my intention when scheduling today's theme was just saying Free Draw Friday in a different silly way, you have inadvertently played right into my hand.
0.802 thank you for the kind words and the endorsement
0.7783 They often create interest in a painting and are as Meaty mentioned previously, part of what makes watercolor interesting.
0.762 That could have been really fun and interesting.
0.7606 Don't apologize, if you're plugging your own art that's not just accepted but encouraged! I appreciate the feedback.
0.7384 This is so great. 1.

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-0.8144 My bad, I haven't actually played DF so when I scheduled the theme it was my tongue in cheek nod to Order of the Stick, which has a dwarf that hates trees.
-0.7096 Both of these methods only work if you're using some tough paper and it takes some practice to avoid causing too much damage.
-0.68 killer composition!
-0.6762 this kind of negativity is not acceptable on this sub.
-0.5574 someone ban this bot for suggesting we're small
-0.5255 Oh dag, I sat out of the wrong exchange!
-0.5106 upvote for sick rhymes
-0.4767 I will be visiting Green Bay but I don't know that I'll be hitting the SW unfortunately.
-0.4588 take your rude behavior back to r/texasart
-0.3007 I have read about this before on wetcanvas, but they were talking about winsor newton and daniel smith not mixing well together.
-0.296 I think you have had some difficulties with edges.
-0.1816 My status hasn't changed D: but here is a peek http://i.imgur.com/PVBwOVt.png cover and last page are not shown