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0.9748 I've met some great friends in forums and in-game, and that's something I really like about the PCMR, we're one big family :') and that makes it a great community. Thank you OP :D
0.9584 I go everyday hahaha but it feels great to me, it makes me happy :)
0.9403 1998 Thanks OP, I hope I win, love you #nohomo ;)
0.927 Well, that doesn't make it a bad game, I still can play with other people :D Thanks OP!
0.9062 I truly believe that Dark Souls has some of the best level design/mechanics and also I love the cryptic storytelling.
0.902 In the end, I can say it was really cool to build my first rig all by myself, and I hope this is the first of many. P.S: Thanks for the glorious Giveaway.
0.8779 I felt awesome, I remember I skipped my last 3 lessons of school just to play hahaha.
0.873 Good luck to all of you :D
0.8658 Thanks OP, if I win I will buy some hentai game :)
0.8658 Wow, thanks op :)
0.8625 I thought about buying a prebuilt computer, but after getting help from some forums and subreddits I learned that making your own rig is the best option.

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-0.7481 :b Even if I don't win, you're great.
-0.7096 First world problems :'(
-0.6757 When I tried to do this I accidentally broke a key from the keyboard.
-0.5574 Number: 182.
-0.4462 When I had everything, I built the PC, and was really excited, my only problem was, I didn't have a monitor hahaha.
-0.4404 Can I have a Mad Max pls?
-0.4019 That's my problem, I don't know what to change for the build.
-0.3724 I don't even have friends \__/
-0.3291 I feel that in Dark Souls 3 you can't go back in many areas, you go in a straight line that sometimes haves two paths, but no more.
-0.3164 182 Thanks!
-0.3164 182 :B Thanks for the giveaway OP!
-0.3164 182, Thanks a lot OP!