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0.9703 I'm not sure, but it is certainly unusual! You're very much welcome, glad you like it :D
0.9554 Thanks, always great to know people appreciate your work :D That's definitely possible and I do agree it can be hard to tell what the game is from just the logo.
0.946 Takes a decent amount of effort to get them done every week but it's always worth it to hear that it's appreciated :D I was a big Tekken fan back in the day.
0.9413 If the mods weigh in and say it's ok though I'd be more than happy to include them in! Glad you like it, I'll make sure to keep coming back ;D
0.9295 I think the last one to make it in was in May or June, so they still have some impact. And thanks, so glad you appreciate what I'm doing :D
0.9038 That's pretty good representation so it's definitely above average in terms of popularity there.
0.8964 Glad I could give you a trifecta of cool stuff you like :D
0.8885 Pretty much my only reason for keeping the logos is "because they look good" and whilst that's important I also would like the info here to be usable/useful as well.
0.8858 Good news is that, compared to Bastion and Transistor, it's played for longer and people get more achievements in it so at the very least those who play it seem to be enjoying it!
0.8795 You're most welcome, always great to hear people like what you do.
0.8777 That was a great vid, thanks for sharing!

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-0.5848 The grind was always what got to me as sure, I get that all MMORPGs have grind, but the eastern style of MMORPGs seemed to make it soooo much worse!
-0.5719 There was also another recently but I'm struggling to remember its name.
-0.5719 I do a weekly infographic on the releases on Steam and it was a horror show for anything that released around that time.
-0.5574 I doubt there is a game that pc market has that low marketshare.
-0.5267 One data point that I think is worth mentioning for that comparison: Dead Cells is *only* available on Steam whilst Prey is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
-0.5009 According to wikipedia, it sold 1.8mil in the first week, so i doubt it sold overal more than 4mil.
-0.4868 I started these *just* after that big rush last year so I missed out on all of that!
-0.4767 Usually I can track those kinds of things down but I couldn't find it on any of the usual suspects.
-0.4767 Shame that the developer would be leaving it behind though.
-0.4753 Ugh, what is it with these games?!
-0.4753 I was a dirty dirty Hwoarang player haha!
-0.4588 I was also a bit disappointed with how Strafe was received as I had backed it on Kickstarter.