/u/dashing_snow is a total dick!

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0.9371 The Saudis are the primary reason for the growth of radical islam their ruling parties encourage it's spread and there is strong evidence they were responsible for helping with 9/11.
0.7964 There are other analogies that would work that are still loaded but fit much better.
0.7865 Not really I only joined due to the ethical issues and only really posted on AGG very rarely on KiA.
0.7783 Steampunk has some repugnant views but you cannot claim to have actual freedom of speech in the UK at this point.
0.6946 You realize that idiots like you and Tax follow these groups more than all but their most devoted followers right?
0.6504 If I espoused my views without saying I was pGG I would still be labeled as a gamergater because I dare to think that friends and lovers shouldn't promote or review content within that circle.
0.6504 Specifically that there actually needs to be a code of ethics and you shouldn't promote stuff done by your friends or lovers without disclosures and especially not as an official review.
0.6369 Except for one of the central tenets our country was built upon the right to freedom of speech.
0.6227 You know full well this is a loaded analogy you aren't quite as stupid as Strich.
0.6134 Whether you agree with his opinion or not there is a significant amount of restriction on freedom of speech in the UK.
0.6124 49.99% of people are below the median intellect there are a lot of people out there who can be taken advantage of.

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-0.93 That is some seriously manipulative and disturbing shit not to mention the bullshit she made up after to try to gag him.
-0.8934 I've consistently said harassment and violence are wrong.
-0.891 She is a retard I thought you were against violence against the mentally incompetent?
-0.8779 Why would I read KiA it's been shit for over a year I only come on this shithole when I'm annoyed at something and want to yell at idiots.
-0.8714 These people are for the most part screwed the areas they come from have massive economic depression meth labs drug problems the whole nine yards.
-0.8625 Good to know male rape in particular prison rape is still a joke in 2017.
-0.8573 Cheating is horrible but what she did went beyond just cheating.
-0.8255 Especially when the cheater constantly accuses you of cheating and makes you end relationships with female friends due to paranoia.
-0.8126 Holy fuck you are so god damn stupid.
-0.8074 Alternative for ya Kentucky has a shit educational system as a result many people end up functionally retarded.
-0.802 I am saying violence is a never ending cycle that gets worse every later cycle.
-0.8008 All beating them up is going to do is make it so they start bringing guns and more people die.