/u/darwitchm is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.891 You are truly the epitome of an amazing and beautiful woman.
0.8885 Oh wow, I love that smile
0.8555 Would love to give them all the love I have
0.836 Your posts consistently bring me great joy.
0.8268 Have a wonderful and happy life!
0.7906 Hope you have a great sleep
0.7863 Should you need a little encouragement, please feel free to reach out.
0.7717 Then I feel fortunate to have seen your lovely face
0.765 Love to watch you play
0.765 You are one gorgeous stunning lady
0.7644 Have a fabulous break and I hope you choose to come back soon!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.4404 I suppose "masturbate furiously" is too obvious of an answer?
-0.4215 I have already begun to mourn /miss your posts.
-0.4023 "like" isn't nearly a strong enough word
-0.3818 So now I have two embarrassing wet spots on the front of my pants.
-0.296 You are already missed.
-0.296 You will be missed by many.
-0.2942 just dead sexy!
0.0 Am I first in line?
0.0 We're not _all_ trolls.
0.0 that's so hot!
0.0 Done and done
0.0 I'm completely enamored with this one