/u/darkien is very positive!

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0.9416 Man Tammy's a keeper, he's lucky to find her. And you're a lucky one as well, great story :D
0.9186 I wish you two the best, good wealth and health and all that jazz.
0.8955 He does sound like a good time, you're lucky. Have fun!
0.8934 Loved the place, and Australia was a great place to holiday even if things were pricey.
0.8883 Good to hear you guys are doing well and hotter than ever. As always, stay safe and have fun!
0.8591 Going through the comments, I feel like the only person who enjoys Albus's character, as well as their dynamic as a trio rather than a duo.
0.8588 Good luck and have fun!
0.8481 Great job guys. She looks great in that dress btw
0.8473 I've been following your posts so far, great writing btw. But I'm curious, what do you guys look like?
0.8464 Definitely kept me turned on. And you two sound like a really hot couple, congrats on your relationship!
0.8442 Like, what was he like physically? Great writing as usual

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-0.6908 Too bad I've no place
-0.6597 Other than the Fatih mosque, what other religious institutions have you gotten fucked in?
-0.5423 Just how perverted are we talking here?
-0.5106 And how big is his dick?
-0.4588 Being reminded of Sayaka's tragic fate was not what I was expecting in this subreddit.
-0.4019 Damn that was a hot read.
-0.4019 Or maybe I'm just blind as a bat.
-0.34 Shut Hell and Keyman: Hand of Judgement.
-0.3252 And what do you fantasize about doing to her if you don't mind sharing?
-0.296 Stop selling yourself short bud
-0.2057 Which isn't exactly surprising considering your background.
-0.1531 Heh don't mind me, just wanted to see if you'd type it out loud.