/u/darkdev015 is very positive!

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0.9577 Also, I would love to thank to /u/FlightCookie too, he PMed me a game code too! Looks like I'm gonna play with my cousin this game too :) Happy New Year!
0.9059 My cousin would love the bonuses you get from this one! Thanks in advance!
0.8989 I would really like to try Lucius, but any game would be fantastic. Cheers.
0.8918 Nice giveaway OP! I would like Borderlands 2 GOTY. Thank you for this opportunity!
0.8847 I would really love to play these 2 games! Thanks in advance.
0.8748 I'd wish to receive such an awesome gift!
0.8513 Nice giveaway OP! Good luck everybody!
0.8065 @GloriousGe0rge being Glorious again! Thank you for doing this!
0.7964 I'm definitely sure that Steven is proud of you.
0.784 /u/Aerrix is the lucky winner here!
0.7835 Congrats for the incredible gift!!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6602 I wasn't the lucky winner here mate, so I can't answer to this question.
-0.5562 That looks sick dude!
-0.4939 This kind of one side expectations literally destroyed me mentally.
-0.4215 Sadly isn't mine.
-0.3799 I really want to buy a C2Q but my MOBO doesn't support it and I really don't find one with 4x slots of RAM too.
-0.2732 Can run CS:GO on low 1080p tho.
-0.2144 I like your brother's optimism but that video is painful to watch.
-0.2023 If I wouldn't be living in such a poor country, be sure that I would've been already doing that.
0.0 All way down you go, go, go, go, go...
0.0 Hey, do you still have NS2?
0.0 8K Ultra Settings.
0.0 Amen bro, Amen!