/u/darias87 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9081 wow you look great please share more
0.9081 thank you for sharing, but yes please I would like to see more.
0.9042 I think a thank you is in order, so thank you for blessing us with your gorgeous body.
0.8744 yes sauce please, would like to see more of friend also
0.8591 who is your friend she's amazing just like you
0.8564 WOW she looks fantastic!
0.8505 Thank you so much for sharing, you are perfect.
0.8491 WOW you are sexy!
0.836 your breast are perfect for your body type, your bush is nicely trimmed, and you have me curious about whats on the back side 10/10
0.8328 WOW, so glad I got on reddit today.
0.8316 She did get a boob job, which look great, even though she had a perfect body before.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7983 Say "WTF are you doing in my house" tell you to get out, slam the door behind you.
-0.6884 Then I'd say "son of a bitch that girl wanted to have sex with me!!!"
-0.6597 Oh man that smile's killing me.
-0.5719 she got the Hate tattoo removed
-0.5524 this is what's so stupid about supe, you pay for the same shit you can see on instagram and snapchat for free, thank you supetheif
-0.5106 is what an idiot would say.
-0.4767 it keeps telling me something went wrong
-0.4451 Definitely need more/name, HOLY SHIT!
-0.3597 So no implants just toned.
-0.296 I missed it, I forgot the site was closing
-0.296 the other day i saw her on and freaked out because she was topless made my day
-0.2617 might be wrong but i think its baemax on mfc