/u/danth is kind of a dick.

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0.9068 :D They were pretty awesome for the time.
0.807 I'm sure the defense would love to have me on the jury!
0.7184 Oh my wife would definitely make fun.
0.7184 Honestly, if you're such a baby that you need to be coddled and ego stroked while someone explains the obvious to you, who cares what you think?
0.7184 The message from the court system is loud and clear: the only justice available is outside the law.
0.7096 Good luck with that.
0.7096 Funny how these people all voted for the guy who fondly remembered how protestors at political rallies used to get punched and offered to pay the legal fees of would be assailants.
0.6973 So you're not a racist for your dog whistle attack on Muslims, but I'm a racist for pointing it out. Good job /r/news. Is anyone on here a real person or am I just arguing with Russian bots?
0.6249 The ones in the thumbnail are the much newer Masterpiece versions.
0.6249 Every lawful, peaceful option to get justice has been exhausted.
0.5945 They are actually improving their language to make things more correct and clear and you're complaining.

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-0.9381 "We need all these guns in case we are forced to violently overthrow an oppressive government" *Government agents literally murder black people daily* "How dare you break that window!"
-0.886 Some FBI documents have described some antifa activity as terrorist but doesn't officially recognize antifa as a terrorist group.
-0.8689 You think if one thing is evil that means another thing is evil.
-0.8689 Just because Stalin's actions against the Kulaks were evil doesn't mean his actions against the Nazis were also evil.
-0.8591 Struggling financially and depressed at learning his brother and sister had been sent to a concentration camp in Germany, he committed suicide in May 1939.
-0.8442 This is an exceedingly rare crime, and the criminal is being punished, and the victim is being protected.
-0.8402 So far there's a lot of "how can we use this to hate Muslims", but no "wow I feel terrible for the victims." Redditors in /r/news are complete shit heels.
-0.7964 It's only ever to complain that a male rapist would get a longer sentence.
-0.7644 If blocking roads is so terrible, why aren't republicans fantasizing about running over people in Christmas parades and farmers markets?
-0.7506 I'm here to ridicule you so that others see how stupid your opinions are.
-0.7506 Fact: people who blame all brown people for the actions of a few are, indeed, racist.
-0.7506 Democrats are mad that the president colluded with Russians. Republicans are mad that the president colluded with Democrats.