/u/danny_pie is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9364 I loved to be teased, so win win here it seems ;)
0.92 Sexy and cute in perfect harmony!
0.92 Cute and sexy in perfect harmony!
0.8681 You shouldn't be shy to share that, I know at least that I would LOVE to see you wearing it ;)
0.862 I think I have the perfect remedy for you ;) Also, very sexy lips!
0.8585 Awesome boobs and your lips look absolutely amazing!
0.8555 Just love clamps, can be used for a lot of fun ;)
0.8356 Wow, what an amazing view!
0.8356 Wow, you look amazing!
0.7947 Yeah, so, hmm, yes, holy hell..... You look stunning!
0.7906 Seeing you like this, wow.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7088 Holy hell, this is so hot!
-0.7088 Holy hell, something about pink on a really hot woman!
-0.7088 Holy hell you're hot!
-0.6808 Holy hell, leaving me more than aroused over here.
-0.5848 Fuck that's hot!
-0.5707 I'm a real sucker for red painted lips!
-0.5255 I badly wanna big spoon you!
-0.4574 Hot damn you're hot!
-0.4327 Holy hell, you do the school girl thing so well.
-0.3802 Mmm you're such a tease!
-0.3802 Mmm your such a tease!
-0.3382 Awesome ass and that look in your eyes, hot damn!