/u/da_p3nguin is slightly positive.

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0.8805 If you have a legitimate case, I wish you the best of luck, Science Guy!
0.8337 Without obviously clear intent, it is legally not a hate crime.
0.8172 Best of luck with your reading comprehension!
0.8074 Respect and love.
0.7901 Her confidence sexy AF!
0.7901 I would love art like this!
0.784 The Journeyman Project is one of my earliest played game series, and I love it!
0.7345 Thank you for the info, kind abortionist!
0.7263 Thanks for the information and thanks!
0.7184 He came off as genial and caring most of the time, and completely unhinged sometimes.
0.7048 And a cross burned into your own property for your own reasons is not a hate crime.

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-0.9509 Nigger fights were a very real thing in the south during slavery and to say they didn't breed some blacks for body composition or violence is leaving a portion of history out.
-0.8776 I am so glad his daughters and all officers are on, but I am so sad Brianne had to suffer the fate she did.
-0.872 And when nothing has been rectified and it was mentioned, we were called a pain in the ass and blamed us for dragging the job out.
-0.8074 If you live in fear because of a cut up book, or a burned book handcuffed to a fence, you are a coward.
-0.7783 The contractor called us "pain in the ass tenants" who were "constantly nitpicking" her work.
-0.5994 If California has so much of a surplus of funds, they should have no problem paying their tab.
-0.596 You're being downvoted for providing proof that this outrage is unjustified.
-0.5913 I have been nothing short of conflicted about my emotions regarding this incident, but I am extremely upset.
-0.5859 I just interpreted your post here as an assault against my sexuality.
-0.4389 Charge your damned phone!
-0.4039 Pretending to be offended won't make people like you.
-0.4023 It's a tactic, not generosity to their employees.