/u/da_billz is very positive!

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0.8271 huge fan keep up the great work.
0.8268 ok perfect thank you !
0.8126 I would love give my friend a new rashguard or hoodie.
0.8122 thanks for response love the jams!
0.807 awesome, thanks for the insight!.
0.8065 Hope you have an amazing day!!
0.7865 hope this works :D http://i.imgur.com/xuvl4JN.gif
0.7783 Well it was a 3 hour car ride home with my girlfriend and we just started firing names but we agreement with monte which means mountain in spanish and as well we are big game of thrones fans.
0.7717 Yeah, my bad to much holiday cheer this weekend haha
0.7579 I recently moved to socal and welcomed me to his academy and is an awesome training partner.
0.743 ok cool, thanks yeah I am using peco s right now and was confused on where to go from there.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4019 Lately I had the biggest problem rolling with tall and long limbed people, as a short guy what can I do to get an edge?
-0.4019 aww damn I guess I have keeping on trying through solos
-0.1043 It's been like a weekly occurrence for last 6 months and he really doesn't care for toys or dogs or anyone except the waves.
0.0 Take me as tribute.
0.0 Mr Offerman, What are Saturdays for?
0.0 [my boy monte all smiles]
0.0 what do you think of all the bills mafia videos?
0.0 can you give us insight of your process?
0.0 he already netflix and chilled with Harbaugh
0.0 My watchespn is on the fritz.
0.0 https://mediacenter.smugmug.com/006-BRONCOS/20151220-Broncos-vs-Steelers/i-rwckdCd/1/XL/122015_broncos_54-XL.jpg
0.0 You da man!