/u/cynicdouchey is a total dick!

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0.7506 Which is nice for God to give her...after making her look like a gorilla with downs syndrome.
0.743 Hug your dog...because I might be the next one with my hand on the leash.
0.7269 Too bad nobody cared in life...but they can sure feel good about themselves doing something that benefits nobody at all.
0.7264 Funny, I find her to be quite lively.
0.7056 But keep equating the most powerful and wealthy nation in the history of the planet with your pisspot of a country.
0.6696 Best guys weekend ever!
0.6696 I love dog meat!
0.6597 Hmmmm...I wonder if this person is active or has relatives active in the LGBT community?
0.6588 That was great!
0.6369 The video is good...the song is mediocre at best and absolutely unoriginal.
0.6369 Best I found was some cup noodle approximation...

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-0.926 If I hit your child with my car and kill it, it's a tragedy. The only people who say that are dog owners, parents know how stupid it sounds. It's not the same thing.
-0.9208 Star Wars jumped the shark with JarJar Binks...everything else is just fucking the dead corpse of our childhood
-0.9175 Oh look, he threatens violence to children, insults people differently abled, and then CRIES "EDGY".
-0.9153 What a shit hole of a country : rape, rampant pedophilia, corruption..maybe if all the fucking h1b visas went the fuck home they could fix it.
-0.9052 She took the dogs but I had poisoned the bottom of the kibble bag so a week later she came home to find them both dead.
-0.891 Self driving cars should be illegal on American roads and tesla should have its asses sued off for every death and accident for experimenting on the same roads my kids ride bike on.
-0.8885 It's all searches for "how to rape" "how to solicit bribes" "how to get away with slavery" and "how not to bathe"
-0.8779 fuck this Pinterest fake ass society...
-0.8548 The movie sucked...I was there when the first was in theaters...this was a piece of shit that only people who are not too intelligent fawn over....that and people sucking Walt dick.
-0.8519 He kills all the people of earth 1 at a time with his shitty autonomous driving electric car that has mysteriosly started missing sales goals.
-0.8481 Too bad they kill and maul all those babies, children, and elderly....and other dogs