/u/cynerva is very positive!

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0.9638 :) I wish I could think of something helpful to say for your streaming situation, but the best I can offer is encouragement and good wishes.
0.9493 Fairly simple but good. Viscera Cleanup Detail - good clean fun.
0.9325 Hope you have better luck finding personal connection and support here. Gotta love the anxiety/depression combo, I've been struggling with that my whole life as well.
0.91 You seem like a good person and I genuinely hope the best for you.
0.8991 I can't commit to anything, but wanted to wish you good luck.
0.8885 Nothing fancy, but I'm proud of it - the arm swings open when pushed, then returns to its original position once the path is clear.
0.8807 Sorry. I don't know what happened exactly, but wish you the best regardless.
0.8779 Definitely has freeroam, and the [Evochron Mercenary overture] is pretty inspiring; couldn't find other music easily.
0.8587 It's cool to see someone else make something similar - but with a much more impressive craft, for sure.
0.8402 S/O likes exploring, I like figuring out how things work, so the pilot/engineer roles were perfect.
0.8172 Best of luck to you!

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-0.7045 I think it's partially correct. When it comes to composing music, these days it feels a bit forced and I don't quite enjoy it as much as I used to.
-0.624 One more stab in the dark: Naev?
-0.5267 Usually have to acknowledge the negative feelings first though. For me personally, usually listen to ambient when I'm depressed, and faster-paced electronic when I need something positive.
-0.431 I want to play games, but there's a weird sense of guilt.
-0.4019 Sounds a lot like Battlefield 2, or possibly another early Battlefield game.
-0.34 Similar to Bastion and made by the same folks. The turn combat mechanic is hit-or-miss.
-0.3324 I want to compose music, I want to program, but I never feel like I have enough focus.
-0.3182 I'm confused.
-0.296 This is the closest I could find: https://transcendence.kronosaur.com/ No LUA though.
-0.2732 Not much combat, challenge is more about coffin physics and positioning.
-0.1779 Always wanna hide.
-0.1513 More stealth oriented.