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0.9325 I love their clean, sweet and cute concept as well.
0.9136 They have pacing down to a fine art especially with Rom Coms - the balance of romance, innocence, comedy, drama and sweetness.
0.9041 I love your cute girl group and happy playlists so much! I've got a similar one based on [happy upbeat duets]
0.8934 Any one where I get to be a super rich and handsome chaebol...
0.8832 Bonus link to them giving fan service to one lucky guy!
0.8705 It's the same actress and she plays a girl with superhuman strength but yet acts all cutesy and innocent.
0.8578 Very melo-rom-com-ish with great OST and an awesome bromance...
0.8543 Also the tension, anticipation of pursuing love, and the delayed gratification when they finally confess and reciprocate is just so rewarding.
0.8481 You join the Weightlifting team and he joins the Swimming team and end up mutually encouraging each other and falling in love
0.8416 I agree with you - the Variety circuit and also the vlive or YouTube channels that show more of their off stage lives really create a huge fan base.
0.836 She is a great conversationalist and apparently at fan meets puts people at ease right away.

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-0.804 Once I start I tend to have OCD and watch the whole thing but there are a couple that were so bad that after two episodes I couldn't bring myself to sink more time into them.
-0.8016 Evil maknae strikes again!
-0.7562 Ipsul Uie Chu! Seulpo hajima No no no! L O V E Luv! Bu bi bu My my my oh my One two three four *fiwe*
-0.6808 Chu, No no no, and Remember?
-0.6597 I also notice GOT7 is missing from both Spotify and Google, which is disappointing.
-0.658 Ah sorry, my bad!!
-0.6124 I have a hard enough time catching all the subtle nuances of a foreign culture without having to deal with accidentally missing stuff.
-0.5112 AirPods sit in a similar way - they still feel a little loose - but seem to stay in because there's no cord pulling on them.
-0.5106 **A number of shots were fired.
-0.4574 If it's apink I'm gonna lose it!
-0.4574 Aww yes, the aegyo is killing me!
-0.4478 **Chorong** - is the leader being the oldest, but I think naturally she is quite shy and reserved.