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0.9062 Thank you so much or your help anyhow, the link is great :)
0.8439 I hope this helped even if only a tiny bit, good luck!
0.8356 Wow girly this is amazing!
0.8263 Its a community based post though so I don't think I will actually be there that often, but seems like a really nice, modern place!
0.807 Had an awesome birthday, thanks!
0.784 great info, thank you!
0.7783 I see the point perfectly, I did not say this girl was stunning due to the size of her boobs.
0.7783 I had squillions of accommodation viewings today, mostly in West Bridgford, but fell in love with an apartment between Sherwood and Woodthrope.
0.7754 I lived in Belfast for three years when doing my degree so deff head there, the nightlife is getting so much better-I recommend Filthy McNasty's, I'm going tonight to celebrate my birthday!
0.775 Also check out the button factory for gigs from the music students, some great nights. I'm sure I have left out tonnes of other stuff but hopefully I have covered the main points.
0.7693 This is really useful, thanks again!

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-0.7418 Kill the lawyer!!
-0.6739 It makes me WTF everyday, so here you are.
-0.6249 I have no fried cheese though :(
-0.6124 sorry it's taken me forever getting back to you, I was in France and then came back to the dreaded research paper, boke.
-0.5859 She is a cruel mistress.
-0.5106 as you say, people can put them together themselves and saves any sandwiches being rejected.
-0.4574 If only the agent would answer his pissing phone!
-0.4412 Talk to the bursar in your uni, so many people can get 'crisis grants' you don't need to pay this back depending on your circumstances.
-0.4404 I'm probably going to mess it up because of nerves as its my first interview.
-0.3595 If there are some bands that are missing out in Ireland, you can get a flight to England/Scotland/wales in under an hour for around 40-60 return!
-0.357 don't fret :)
-0.25 did you move over here alone when you first came?