/u/curiousblueleo is very positive!

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0.9393 Love your style, you have gorgeous hair and a beautiful genuine smile.
0.9381 Gorgeous jacket, also love those glasses Wish I had such flawless skin as you!
0.9313 You have an adorable smile, great style and awesome tattoos.
0.9285 Not to mention the fact that you look like a charming, interesting, slim, young heartthrob!! Look at how much you've achieved, you're awesome
0.9217 You're super cute and have lovely eyes and smile.
0.9179 You are absolutely gorgeous, such a pretty face and love your hair style.
0.9169 I love the soft wave curl in your hair, it really suits you, and that top is super cute.
0.9136 Honestly, you have such kind eyes, cute curly hair and flawless skin.
0.9134 Keep doing what you're doing, it clearly agrees with you love how happy you look!
0.9042 Glad to see Bournemouth getting some love gorgeous tattoos
0.9022 Very summery you're naturally pretty, I hope you get the confidence boost you needed

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8834 You've obviously had a hard couple of days and are beating yourself up, which is prime time for nasty binges to rear their ugly heads.
-0.8591 Ear Hustle This American Life Missing Richard Simmons Only Human Nocturne Note To Self Death, Sex & Money Reply All Invisibilia Criminal
-0.8555 When we feel low we become our own worst enemies.
-0.765 Never stop being you, you're killing it
-0.6597 It sucks :(
-0.5983 You're crazy to think you look 45, no way!
-0.5951 Insane transformation, congratulations!!!!
-0.5859 Sorry to hear you've had a bad day so far.
-0.4215 http://www.wthr.com/article/body-found-on-northeast-side-confirmed-to-be-missing-muncie-woman Sadly, her body has been found.
-0.4015 Hey, don't give up hope just yet!
-0.4015 That isn't an easy thing to do for some of us!
-0.3818 looking suave as hell in that sharp suit.