/u/cumtributing is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9134 Lovely load on some lovely tits! Thanks for sharing.
0.8856 Oh that is just awesome! Thanks for sharing!
0.8684 Looks like she loved it! Lucky!
0.8558 What an absolutely delicious mess! Would love to clean it up for you.
0.8481 Great body, great cum shots.
0.8122 Wow, very impressive.
0.8122 yes yes yes!
0.8119 Very sexy lips, very sexy girl.
0.8074 Super sexy.
0.8074 Great load for some great tits.
0.7964 haha yes, certainly is.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6476 Shame those tits are still hidden behind the bra though!
-0.5106 No need to be nervous.
-0.4199 Made a mess!
-0.2714 fuck wish she was sending me those selfies~!
-0.1759 Shame there isn't some cum on those fantastic tits!
0.0 is it your load?
0.0 https://gfycat.com/CostlyFarawayDunlin
0.0 Its up to you man! Im not a mod, just saying.
0.0 try /r/cumsluts
0.0 I didnt take any of that for this, BUT i have taken both zinc, and lecithin in the past, and believe me, it works.
0.0 I think she wanted me to cover them more than I wanted to cover them, and I wanted to cover them a lot.
0.0 Shes in her 40s