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0.8689 With plenty of time leading up to your trip- hope you treat yourself to something good for the adventure.
0.816 Seriously- it may sound like "did you check if it's plugged in?" advice- but that really is a great call for the new back-up cards.
0.7901 Hoping I come back with something special to share with the thread!
0.784 Great call, thank you!
0.775 Top of the Rock and One World trade center are both worth the expense but crowded and tough to offer great photos.
0.7634 I am so glad I took the time to post here and really appreciate the advice!
0.7485 So sincerely appreciate your comment.
0.7213 See, this is why I am so happy I posted it here!
0.707 Thank you for this, it is so incredibly helpful.
0.7003 I sincerely appreciate the advice.
0.6808 All of these little tips are going to help make this trip truly unforgettable.

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-0.5994 Sad to see the place empty.
-0.2755 I don't think I'm ready to experience the sky on this trip
-0.2484 So jealous of a "4 day trip up to Scotland", I am sure it was incredible.
-0.2411 But that's during the week, not sure about Saturdays.
-0.1263 Every 2 overtime losses is almost like a win...
-0.0772 Ugh guy makes a stencil about street art belonging outside of a gallery and then has an Instagram account promoting his work being at galleries...
-0.0516 Haha, it's a steal.
-0.0258 Crazier things have happened, right?http://m.imgur.com/gallery/3CEthjE
-0.0258 Crazier things have happened, right?
-0.0258 crazier things have happened before, right?
0.0 UPDATE- Will be including post game score and a link to a game recap video in the event details.
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